A cleaning system for the separators is incorporated into the trapezoidal beam; which is made entirely of stainless steel V2A chromium nickel steel material no. 1.4301 and seamlessly welded.

Consisting of:

  • Condensate drains with discharge nozzle DN 50, to be connected to the on-site drainage system
Cleaning and drainage system made of stainless steel pipes, fan nozzles and 230 V magnetic valves
Spraying arrangement for hot water, with which the separators can be periodically cleaned
  • Using controls, the cleaning intervals can be adjusted depending on the cooking devices.
  • Spray dosing unit and controls (modularly structured process computer)
    With WASH-TEC the extraction takes place via a slit intake and a separator which is sprayed from one side (or optionally from two) and thus cleaned. The time and duration of spraying is adjusted to the existing, project-specific requirements.


a high level of fire safety is achieved due to the cleaning and the accumulation of grease is prevented in the downstream components.
  • due to the continuous cleaning, maintenance costs are substantially reduced. Operation also becomes more hygienic.